About Quality Bathrooms and Plumbing

The QBAP Story

We started in plumbing maintenance and have expanded to specialise in bathroom and
laundry renovations over the years. We have 20+ years’ experience in the field and use
our expertise to install and design innovative spaces that are not only visually appealing
but are constructed to extremely high standard. We take pride in the quality of our work and love taking a tired, old bathroom and making it the favourite room in your house.

We love working with unique and original designs that are functional. We can work with
you to include affordable custom-made bench tops and cabinetry to suit your individual style and budget.

The QBAP team will work with you, from the design to completion, to deliver
outstanding results.

Give us a call, your dream bathroom is not too far away.

Tim Day
Director, Quality Bathrooms and Plumbing
0425 009 626

Kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovator, Drainer, Plumber, Roof Plumber, Gasfitter, LP Gasfitter
Licence number 317250C    |    ABN: 84 618 785 970